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DNH Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and without them our centre could not function.

Funnily enough, most volunteers believe they are the ones who gain from their involvement. Volunteering can be both rewarding and challenging work; the basis for new friendships and a sense of contributing to the community.

We wish to thank all the volunteers who contribute to our Neighbourhood House.

One Volunteer Journey with DNCLC

"Susan has been a volunteer at the Centre now for 3 years and plays a crucial role in the running and ongoing success of the learning programs run at DNCLC. She is often affectionately called “Susie Q” as we have two Susans in the office.
Whilst looking for paid work, Susan details how the “the age factor starts to bite”. Susan heard of an opportunity to complete volunteer work at DNCLC and has remained a highly regarded addition for the past 1.5 years.
“I think I’m very lucky to be here and I’m enjoying it and I hope to be here in the future. There are a lot of inspiring people here who have done great work.” Whilst volunteering, Susan has also had the opportunity to learn new skills by taking part in the various classes available at DNH as a class aid as well as a student. Susan has assisted and taken part in cooking classes, computer classes and wood working skills. “It’s a new experience for me…you meet so many different people and hear their stories…I think my life has been enriched by coming here”.
Susan has become a valuable and respected member of our team and if she is not around she is missed by everyone. She was worn a path to Coles for those “forgotten” items for our hospitality programs.
Susan entered a fruit cake in the Dandenong Show in 2017 and was awarded second prize, so well done Susan. Susan loves to share recipes and is always keen to try a new recipe with learners. She will often bring special treats in to share with everyone. Susan said “It’s an experience for me…you meet so many different people and hear their stories…I think my life has been enriched by coming here”.
From everyone at the House we thank Susan very sincerely for all her work and efforts throughout the year

Our other valued volunteers include:

  • Garry Porter for volunteering on our Board of Governance
  • Susan Wilkins assisting on a number of our hospitality programs.
  • Jason Willis assists on disability woodwork programs.
  • Naryl Thach for volunteering in English Language program.
  • Farida Isa for volunteering in our asylum seeker programs.

There are lots of ways you can volunteer or support the work our House does:

  • Join as a DNCLC Member!
  • Volunteer - ESL Teachers for Bridging Visa English groups
  • Volunteer - Board of Governance
  • Volunteer - Community Shed Volunteers
  • Volunteer - Fundraising
  • Volunteer - Learning Lounge
  • Volunteer - Cooking Programs
  • Donation - Financial
  • Donation - In Kind
  • Bequest.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the office at Dandenong Neighbourhood Community and Learning Centre to arrange an appointment.

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